Let Down By XBox.

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share my story, and discuss in a civil matter my issues.

So, I got my console awhile back and did not have issues. My warranty ended back in 2015, and never had issues, so didn’t need to send it in or anything. Well lets fast forward to last year, the launch of the new dashboard in the preview program. The first update to the preview downloaded fine, the 2nd update had some issues, as soon as i updated the console went to the dashboard after the update and then my console shut off, resulting in a all black screen with white text with a error code and system error contact support message.

I then reached out to the team on the preview forums and only had 1 response, with still waiting for a future response that never happened. You can view this here ->http://forums.xbox.com/xbox_early_access/update_preview/update_preview_forums/nxoe_1509/f/5545/t/2043388.aspx

I then reached out to Mike Yabarra on twitter, expressing these issues, with no response or acknowledgement, i understand he is a busy man. I then contacted Xbox support, they couldn’t help me, they said it sounded like a programming issue, and to send my console in for repair for 199.00 dollars.

So, i tried to keep my console alive for several months by having to do factory resets every time there is a new update, something i shouldn’t need to do. I also want to express that for a programming issue, i should not be forced to pay for a repair, that is absurd and very very malicious.

I understand that there is risk for being in the preview program, and i been in it for 1 year and 11 months, never had a issue, i trusted Xbox and Microsoft, i also trust that they will make this right.

So my console died fully 2 nights ago, to were i can not even do a factory reset at this point, Yesterday, i reached out to Xbox support and they have decided to escalate the issue to a higher tier of the Hardware dept, and now i wait for a call/email, hoping that i wont have find a way to scavenge for money to send it in, when i already have financial issues, please Xbox, hear my voice.

I love the Xbox team and i dont mean to make this sound bad, or even belittle or come at them in a attacking way..not my intentions. I love you XBox Team <3

Thanks for listening! And Keep Playing Games #BleedXbox

Also to those saying there is supposed to be a warranty for preview members, i was informed by support this is not true. Inless they have there facts wrong.

I had to post this here, as reddit mod deleted my post as "low quality", Wombat posted there, and said he will reach out to me.

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