E3 Photo’s!

June 19, 2009

Pictures tell a story, and these pictures tell the story of PG’s trip to E3 2009.

Closing in on the Convention Center, everyone began taking pictures of the enormous temple to games. Michi’s (white shirt in the background) picture of the expo hall was taken here.


The picture taking continued once we were in the show. Everyone got as much space as possible so they could take a picture of the booth.


The Bayonetta booth looked really spectacular, with the lights moving as if they were clouds.


The booth was just as impressive from above.


The enormous LED screen showing the Bayonetta E3 trailer was incredibly cool.

image009 image011

There were also enormous banners of Bayonetta lining the outside of the booth.

image013 image015

Once the show started, the booth was bustling with activity, as gamers, press, and other game industry insiders got their hands on Bayonetta for the first time.

image017 image019

The game was well received, garnering Best of E3 nominations from some of the biggest media outlets around.

image021 image023

You could also check out Bayonetta in the Microsoft booth, which had its own crowd despite having only one playable unit available.


However, there was one place you had to be invited to see Bayonetta. That was the closed door demo room for members of the press. Here the guys settle in to the room on Day 1.


Director Hideki Kamiya and Producer Yusuke Hashimoto did a new session every 30 minutes for the duration of E3, proving that even though E3 is about fun and games, it isn’t all fun and games.


Kamiya-san and Hashimoto-san didn’t have much time to check out the show floor, but we did have a moment to squeeze in a little podcast recording session with our friends from SEGA.


Down in the booth, the live action Bayonetta model was gathering her fair share of attention, being followed around by the gaming paparazzi like the world’s biggest celebrity witch.


However, she spent most of the time posing for pictures with show-goers.


The attention to detail in the costume was quite spectacular. Compare the guns to the concept sketches.

image037 image039 image041

Once the show was over, we took Kamiya-san to his favorite restaurant in Hollywood for some Shrimp Carbonara and to celebrate a successful trip to E3.


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