The Pastor Lee Of Radiant Church.

April 14, 2009

pastor lee Who is Pastor Lee Mcfarland of Radiant Church in Surprise AZ?   Pastor Lee, He has always been a Dad to me. There was times we had our disagreements and i listen ear to ear, then i would listen to his sermons and think how wonderful he has been in my life. I grew up with a very abusive father, the way i looked at it, he was like a dad to me, and i tried everything to be around him and be encouraged, i EVEN went as far as to be at the church all the time to Volunteer, i was there at the youth center (Paradise Education Center) helping setup and teardown every weekend. I spent alot of time with Pastor Lee’s Staff on and off the church ground and grew to have a bond with them, The man you see in this image was everything to me along with God. He was a Father and a Mentor, But then some staff started to find it funny to play some games with my life and started STALKING me off the Church grounds. Yes, i dont think Pastor Lee knew, but if he did..It’s a major stab in my heart. I trust Pastor Lee Mcfarland and I still do even after his staff members "attacked" me. I was Assulted by a few and even made to cry by others, and i have and will continue to love Pastor Lee and His Church and His Staff. Then one day, i had just bought a Coffee and was walking to the Gym, when Pastor lee came out, and seen me and then accused me of calling the police on him and having dirt on him..That my friends NEVER happened. He did not give me a chance to clairfy that it was not me, he went along with his staff, he never took the time to seat down like grown man and talk this out I walked away when he was yelling at me, and later the next weekend went to service it went great. on that tuesday of the week a officer handed me a Injuction saying i am not allowed near Radiant Church. I felt betrayed, after all the promises that Micheal Hanson had made for my future he lied. I bet Pastor Lee didnt know about that. Micheal Hason promised to help me finding a stable home and counsling and a job. he lied, I knew he would and it didnt surprise me when he signed the Injuction himself and started following me around with his other staff. (Mike Miller) They then went as far as making me homeless by calling the place i was staying at and telling them if they didnt get rid of me, they too would be barred from the church, guess what i was put on the street after everything i had worked for and the people i trusted. Oh btw, did i mention that staff members made me cry on my 22nd birthday, what a wonderful one huh? Im not writing ths to "ATTACK"  anyone, i writing this because i want Pastor Lee to know the truth, i want him to understand that i am not a trouble maker, i wont hurt anyone, and that i have more love then anyone relizes, i guess being casted out is the way it has to be, But trust me GO TO RADIANT CHURCH!! It is a great church!!!  YOU WILL LOVE IT!! Also check out Pastor Lee’s Blog Tell him how great of a pastor he is. Love Always. The Crew of the blog.

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